Drive components for Vacuum technology

Couplings and other drive components for vacuum technology must meet special requirements according to the vacuum level with regard to the choice of materials.

Drive of coating rollers

Orbit Antriebstechnik provides a comprehensive product portfolio tailored to these requirements. Disc coupling of the >>CD coupling series made of 1.4301 stainless steel - suitable for the precise drive of coating rollers in innovative coating systems under vacuum conditions.

The bellows couplings of the >>Belflex Thermbago series with stainless steel bellows, stainless steel hubs, a welded connection of these and additionally equipped with special vacuum screws can solve drive technology problems in the vacuum area.

Stainless steel and minimally outgassing plastics in semiconductor technology

For certain applications in semiconductor technology and in sensor manufacturing, processes are performed under vacuum conditions. This is why >>Oldham couplings are equipped with stainless steel hubs. Technical material PEEK (polyetheretherketone) is the first choice for transmission pulleys in these applications, since it has only minimum outgassing properties and therefore does not contaminate products and machine parts.

In the section: Optics, architectural glass, photovoltaic systems

For these applications, Orbit Antriebstechnik has additionally expanded its product portfolio with the >>Diskflex multi-disc coupling stainless steel range.

To fasten components in vacuum systems, Orbit Antriebstechnik shaft collar range offers >> onde-piece and radially mountable >>split clamping rings in different grades.

The >>Beamflex beam couplings from the stainless steel series are used in the semiconductor industry in vacuum environments.

Please talk to us about your application. Jointly with you, we will gladly tailor our couplings and drive components to your specific application case.
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