Drive components for Printing machines

Couplings for the printing industry are required to work with absolute precision to guarantee register printing with high print quality. That starts in the actual printing mechanism and continues through the refinement process to quality assurance on the final product. Orbit Antriebstechnik products are used in the various stations of the printing process.

Precision couplings for maximum productivity in narrow web label printers

When visiting a supermarket and looking at the well-stocked shelves, one immediately realises that labels are indispensable nowadays in everyday life. Attached to products, they play an important role as information or advertising media, in addition to characterising the appearance and quality of the goods offered.

One of the production processes is the so-called narrow web label printing. Machines of this type print, punch and assemble ready to use labels at high speed. It is a precise work of printing and die cutting.

Modern servo technology to power printing and punching stations ensures the optimal coordination between register printing and the intermittently operated punching process, with high output levels and substantial productivity. In the printing process, >>CD couplings. are used. In the punching process, the vibration-damping properties of the >>Jaw couplings are particularly appreciated as otherwise the shocks triggered by the intermittently operated punching process could have negative effects on register printing.
In identification technology and labelling machines for food packaging,  the pluggable and >>backlash-free Oldham-couplings are particularly appreciated due to their ease of installation, low restoring forces and precision.

Textile printing

Film printing technology is often used for textile printing. Each colour to be printed is separated and applied in bulk on the fabric to be printed, usually by means of individual templates per colour. In pattern repeat cloth feed, very high accuracy is a must - a feature ensured by the backlash-free >>CD and >>Belflex couplings.

In continuous form printing, layering can be varied in the jib with a view to final packaging. For this purpose, the operator can infinitely adjust speed by means of the >>Speed Drive.

Quick-release shaft collar for fast, tool-free re-alignment of print cylinders

The quick-release shaft collars of the >>Clampmax Quick-Clamp range show all their strength in printing machines during the mounting operations that are frequently required for cylinders while the machine is running. Instead of power clamping screws, the traction of the shaft is ensured by means of a clamping lever. Re-alignment or change of materials is thus quickly and easily possible, without using any tools or performing any time-consuming fine-tuning of closures, thereby improving the usability and productivity of the machine.

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