Drive components for placement technology

Modern placement machines operate with extreme precision and productivity. For this purpose, the interplay of all components must keep pace. For these demanding drive applications, Orbit Antriebstechnik has appropriate backlash-free coupling systems in its product range.

Backlash-free servo couplings for the assembly of printed circuit boards

In machines for the production of printed circuit boards, >>Diskflex couplings are ideal as a mechanical component in the servo drive train. The materials used, the manufacturing process as well as the careful mounting process ensure the precision required for these demanding operations in high speed applications. The backlash-free servo couplings compensate for universal displacements as double-cardan versions via discs or disc packs made of stainless steel. The clamping hubs and spacers are made of high-strength aluminium. Thus, these torsionally stiff couplings have a low moment of inertia, support the dynamics in the reverse mode and as a result the productivity claim of the machines.

Multi-axis pick-and-place machines

The simple cardan design of the Diskflex and >>CD couplings in the aluminium version offers an optimal solution as an intermediate shaft coupling for the precise synchronisation of multi-axis systems. If these systems have vibration damping properties in the foreground, Jaw couplings >>Jawflex with transmission elements in different shore hardnesses are available. These provide optimal adaptation to vibration-critical applications.

Precise feed to placement units

To exactly position components for further assembly processes, linear axes enable feeding processing stations with pinpoint accuracy. In these low-backlash and dynamically running positioning units, >>Torqmax rigid couplings, made of lightweight aluminium and featuring a compact design, ensure the precise connection of the drive unit consisting of a servo/stepper motor and a ball bearing screw.

Please talk to us about your application. Jointly with you, we will gladly tailor our couplings to your specific application case.