Drive components for packaging machines

Precision is the top priority of packaging machines. No matter whether filling, labelling, palletising, closing, forming or transporting is required. Orbit drive technology has an extensive product range tailored to the requirements of the packaging industry.

Backlash-free couplings for the dosing process: Accurate filling of tubular bags

The exact dosing and filling of tubular bags with mostly powdery products often occurs via metering screws. In vertical metering screw drives, backlash-free >>CD couplings with aluminium clamping hubs and the backlash-free bellows couplings in the clamping hub versions provide for the precise and dimensionally accurate filling of bags in the rapid start-stop operation mode. In tubular bag machines, also CD couplings ensure precise film advance to forge the final packaging.

Precision couplings for carton packaging machines "Wraparound Packers"

Carton packaging machines, also called "wraparound packers," can be mostly found at the end of an entire packaging process. For example, after packaging or filling liquid or powdery products into tubular bags, bottles, etc. through a variety of dosing and filling stations, in tubular bags, bottles, etc., they are then usually packed in cardboard to be protected against possible damage on conveying paths.  Cartons are automatically filled by these machines. To precisely drive vacuum grippers, which are responsible for product positioning, also the disc couplings of the ServoClass series are used, among other things. In the various stations of the packaging processes, shaft collars are used for fixing operations and axial limitation, and are partially made of stainless steel depending on the station.

Adjusting directional control in gluing machines

Folding carton gluing machines precisely produce different folding boxes at high speed. As a final product, they are conveyed in many cases to the final step of a packaging process - the cardboard packaging machines. To implement the required high output levels of these packaging systems, it is of great importance that the cartons are precisely folded and glued.  To do so, gluing machines have various adjustment options to tackle adverse events such as oblique gluing or irregular folding operations. So, special alignment operations are already carried out in the application process. >>Roh´Lix linear actuators are thereby employed to adjust a directional control mechanism. They compensates for certain application irregularities and ensure that each blank is inserted accurately and at a defined angle, and reaches the next station. Furthermore, these units are used to adjust to different formats of the blanks.

Backlash-free couplings with reduced inertia for a highly dynamic labelling process

Marking finished products represents an important identifying characteristic and marketing tool. In high speed label printers, lightweight couplings with optimised mass inertia values of the CD coupling, Diskflex, >>Belflex and >>Beamflex series are used. Precision and highly dynamic operation are top priorities here.

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