Drive components for Medical and laboratory equipment

Extremely small dimensions and bore diameters as well as a very low moment of inertia are the key requirements for couplings in medical and laboratory technologies.

Miniature couplings: Shaft diameters up to 1 mm

For these micro applications, the coupling range offers miniature versions with 6.5-to-12.7-mm very small outer diameter dimensions. Extremely small shaft diameters up to 1 mm can be accurately connected via miniature couplings. Axially pluggable >>Oldham couplings with electrically insulating function; very small bar couplings or >>Beamflex couplings; bellows couplings or >>Crossflex axially fixed cardan couplings with an outer diameter of 12.7 mm: all fulfil the most diverse requirements desired in these micro applications.


Rigid coupling in a micro design

>> Torqmax rigid couplings in miniature size with very small bore diameters from 3 to 6 mm are ideal for the efficient and cost-effective connection of aligned shafts.
Furthermore, very small shaft collars >>Clampmax bore diameters starting from 3 mm are able to ensure the precise fixing of miniaturised components in microsystems.


Hot or cold: Couplings for autoclaves or freeze drying systems

In medical technology, autoclaves are used to sterilise objects such as, for example, surgical equipment. These sterilisation processes are partially carried out in a vacuum process and with steam inflow. For these thermally demanding tasks, >>Oldham couplings with stainless steel hubs provide the right technical solution. In addition, plug-in couplings are equipped with PEEK (polyetheretherketone) transmission pulleys. Due to its minimum outgassing properties, this technical material is suitable for applications in high temperature ranges or under vacuum conditions.
Laboratory freeze dryers are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to the use of ice condensers operating in temperature ranges down to -50°C, the requirements for couplings are high in this regard. The Beamflex shaft coupling made of stainless steel allows working in these low temperature ranges.

Damping of vibrations in high-speed centrifuges

To separate the finest particles and various other media, high-speed laboratory centrifuges operate at speeds of 15,000 min-1 or more. To attenuate the vibrations occurring in these high-speed applications, >>Jawflex elastomer couplings offer effective damping. The vibration behaviour can thereby be precisely adjusted through sprockets with different shore hardnesses.
For higher speed requirements the High-Speed coupling >>Speedmax is the ideal solution. It combines a balanced damping action and torsional rigidity ratio and is designed for speeds up to 42,000 min-1, depending on the size.


Protection function through safety couplings in diagnostic devices

The protection of people in medical examinations plays a decisive role. In this regard, safety couplings enable reliable torque limitation. For example, the use of permanent slip >>Securmax mini couplings ensures a mechanical securing device for the protection of patients in magnetic resonance tomography devices.

Please talk to us about your application. Jointly with you, we will gladly tailor our couplings to your specific application case.