Measurement technology

Drive components for measurement technology

Measuring systems are used for the detection of linear and rotational data and are thus largely responsible for the position information in drive tasks.


Precise recording of measuring impulses: a rotary encoder coupling task

Couplings for these sensors such as encoders, tachos or rotary encoders are not supposed to transmit high torques, but ensure the exact and precise recording and transmission of impulses. In addition, there is a need to protect the rotary encoder against mechanical influences due, for example, to occurring displacements. The used ball bearings of incremental or absolute encoders are sensitive to radial and axial loads. Accordingly, an encoder coupling should combine extremely low restoring forces with an angle-synchronous transmission of rotation.


Beamflex encoder: accuracy and extremely low restoring forces

Various couplings for encoder applications are available at Orbit Antriebstechnik for these applications. >>Beamflex Encoder with multiple spiral cuts feature a design combining extremely low restoring forces and corresponding measurement relevant accuracy. Also the bellows couplings included in the product range, whose long-wave bellows ensure flexibility and low restoring forces, are ideally suited.

Clamping collars for encoders and rotary encoders

Especially for rotary encoders, our product range includes >>Clampmax Encoder clamping collars. Their narrow profile and reduced weight are specially tailored to the requirements of today's hollow shaft encoders. Each bore size offers different versions in terms of screw size and dimensions. As a result of this, holding forces can be precisely matched to the relevant application on one hand, and on the other the manufacturer will find a shaft collar appropriate for the encoder and hollow shaft relevant dimensions and technical requirements.

Please talk to us about your application. Jointly with you, we will gladly tailor our couplings and drive components to your specific application case.
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