Machine tools

Drive component for machine tools

Modern machine tools operate at high speed with precision. To meet this demanding combination, Orbit Antriebstechnik has a product range able to fulfil the most diverse requirements in the machine tools field.

Couplings in feed spindles: Positioning accuracy is required

Feed axis positioning accuracy is a crucial factor in terms of high output levels of precisely manufactured parts.

With their backlash-free custom elastomer spiders, the vibration-damping elastomer couplings >>Jawflex offer a suitable compromise between accuracy and damping characteristics for vibration-critical applications.

The double-cardan disc couplings >>Diskflex are the right solution for feed operations requiring a maximum degree of positioning accuracy.

Precision in multi-spindle CNC lathes

Production process optimisation plays an increasingly important role in terms of time savings and productivity increases in modern CNC lathes. To meet these high output levels, innovative machine tools feature a corresponding counter spindle/tail stock combination in addition to the main work spindle. The first side of a work piece is processed on the main spindle; with the integration of the counter spindle, the second work piece side can be processed and completed by a second lathe turret. To connect a drive with a counter spindle,
>>CD coupling with backlash-free clamping hubs are used.

Safety couplings: Overload protection for machine tools

To protect work units in machine tools in case of product collisions, the >>backlash-free overload couplings Securmax Servo play a crucial role for torque limitation. For high-speed spindle drives the Securmax Servo free-rotation is the ideal safety coupling.

Please talk to us about your application. Jointly with you, we will gladly tailor our couplings and drive components to your specific application case.
For more compact precision couplings in the field of machine tools, please refer to our in-house