Drive components for forming technology

Where bending, deforming, forging or pressing occur, all machine components must be sturdy.
Processes in forming technology are frequently run in the high torque range to bring preformed metals in a targeted elastic displacement.
Therefore, it goes without saying that drive components are subject to high sturdiness requirements for these operations. In addition, they must be high-torque. For this demanding application areas, you will find suitable couplings, shaft collars and safety couplings in our portfolio.

Robust and torsionally rigid disc couplings for torques up to 65,000 Nm

The >>Diskflex GTR torsionally rigid disc couplings operate with disc packs consisting of multiple discs, connected via steel bushes made of high-strength 1.4301 rust-free stainless steel. The couplings are available with steel hubs with rated torques up to 65,000 Nm.

Load holding safety couplings with adjustable torques up to 23,000 Nm

The >>Securmax Slip sliding hubs operate in a frictionally engaged manner and slip through with a defined torque in case of overload. A pre-load is exerted on the friction linings via disc springs. The height of this spring, and thus the height of the torque can be continuously adjusted by means of adjusting nuts or screws. The slip hubs are load holding, that is in case of overload the respective transmission element slips through determining a torque limitation on the preset value. The hubs are available with adjustable torques up to 23,000 Nm.

Clamping shaft collars: Extra strong hold in heavy duty design

We offer the >>Clampmax Heavy Duty special shaft collar series for applications in metal forming and sheet metal processing. Thanks to their robust design with extra strong clamping screws DIN 912 12.9 M12 x 40, they are prepared to tackle all extreme forces. The range of these two-piece, radially mountable clamping collars is available for shaft diameters from 75 mm to 150 mm. For optimised performance, bores are faced so as to be exactly orthogonal to the front side of the collar. This is crucial when using clamping collars as storage areas, as a mechanical stop or to install other components.

Rigid couplings allow shaft connection for diameters up to 120 mm

For applications with exactly aligned shafts and high torque requirements, the >> Torqmax rigid couplings are the ideal solution. Same-diameter shafts are connected in a force-fit and absolutely backlash-free manner. Torqmax couplings for heavy load applications are available for shaft diameters from 50 mm to 120 mm. They consist of two parts and are thus radially mountable. For additional tight fit, bores are generally carried out with grooves. Rigid couplings are made of steel. Stainless steel versions are optionally available.



Please talk to us about your application. Jointly with you, we will gladly tailor our couplings and drive components to your specific application case.
For more compact precision couplings in the field of machine tools, please refer to our in-house