Safety realised as quickly as possible

Securmax Servo

Free-rotation  safety clutches: Lightning-fast response behaviour and ideal for high-speed applications


Whether in test benches or machine tools, in printing machines or automation systems - reliable and precise overload protection in high-speed applications is the speciality of the DSS/SG/NF disengaging safety clutches from the Securmax Servo series. 
The overload clutch has disc springs with a degressive spring characteristic for an immediate response time and torque drop in the event of an overload. The input and output are disconnected immediately. The available rotational energy can run out freely and the disengaging safety clutch remains disengaged. Torque transmission only starts when the clutch is manually re-engaged. The programme offers six sizes for a range of adjustable overload torques from 10 to 1,200 Nm.   


For direct drives shaft to shaft   

If additional shaft misalignments occur in the application, the disengaging safety clutch is available in combination with backlash-free equalising clutches in the Orbit Antriebstechnik product range. Depending on the respective application profile, there is a choice between a backlash-free and damping elastomer coupling or a single-cardanic disc coupling for applications requiring maximum torsional rigidity.


Application example: Reliable overload protection in a high-speed test system

Immediate disconnection in the event of an overload in conjunction with maximum torsional rigidity was to be ensured by a disengaging safety clutch in a testing system for assemblies and components in the automotive industry that runs at speeds of up to 6,000 rpm. When recording the measurement data for precise measurement results, interfering factors in the system must be eliminated, i.e. hot displacements in the drive train must be compensated for by the safety coupling. The Securmax Servo DSS/SG/NF in size 1.80 used for this purpose guarantees fast and reliable disconnection between the input and output side in the test system if the preset limit torque of 60 Nm is exceeded. At the same time, this torque limiter, in combination with a torsionally rigid and compact single-cardanic disc coupling, enables angular and axial shaft misalignments to be compensated.

Diskflex servo disc coupling: New sizes

Diskflex servo coupling


Two new sizes have been added to the Diskflex range. This allows the backlash-free servo disc clutch to be adapted even more precisely to the technical requirements of a particular application. With the two additional sizes GDC35 and GDC64, a comprehensive programme of 15 different sizes of this torsionally stiff and lightweight compensating coupling is now available. This programme covers a nominal torque range from 0.2 to 220 Nm.
If only very limited installation space is available in the application. No problem with the compact version of size ZDC35 with reduced overall length.


Modular for a safe, fully automated forming process

Safety coupling Securmax Heavy Duty

Disengaging safety coupling with individual switching modules in the integrated transfer system

Fully automated forming systems operate with a pronounced productivity and efficiency due to integrated transfer systems. These systems owe their output performance to the use of dynamic servo drives.
Modern, electronic interfaces enable simultaneous communication between the transfer system and the press and thus guarantee an absolutely synchronous sequence of movements of the sub-processes "transport and positioning" with the multi-stage tooling system. Each workpiece thus reaches the corresponding forming tool station at exactly the right time.   

Better safe than sorry: an overload protection coupling reliably protects the parts transport system from overloads  

To ensure that the synchronised parts transport takes place safely and with high productivity, adapted safety coupling in the transfer drive provide reliable torque limitation in case of possible torque peaks. A task tailor-made for the load disconnecting safety clutch from the Securmax Heavy Duty series. This disengaging, residual torque-free disconnecting safety coupling is made precisely for these requirement profiles, where high torques, large masses and high speeds are encountered.   
The overload clutches of this series have individual disengaging segments - also called disengaging modules - which are mounted evenly around the circumference. The torque is adjusted by changing the pressure of the springs of the respective segments via the adjusting nut attached to the face of the respective shift segments.
The clutch size projected for the transfer system offers three alternative, adjustable torque ranges between 325 and 4.200 Nm. This range of transmittable torques is determined by the number of respective disengaging segments. As the drive concept in this transfer system is designed as a direct drive, the overload clutch in combination with a vibration-damping elastomer coupling enables a convenient shaft-to-shaft connection and at the same time ensures smooth running and efficient misalignment compensation. Alternatively, the overload torque limiter is also available in combination with a torsionally stiff disc coupling.

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Always a precision landing

Securmax Servo Niploy


Safety coupling as lightning-fast overload protection in the high-speed filling process

Well-deserved evening after work - stressful shopping is done, a short fitness programme has been completed, time to get cosy. A few snacks such as peanuts and crisps are a must. Open the cupboard and you'll see the little crunchy treats, packed in small bags of 50 g, 100 g or 200 g - always accurate, no more and no less. But how is this precision landing achieved? Have you ever wondered how chunky or powdery products always end up in their final packaging in exactly the right amount by weight?

The secret lies in an absolutely precise weighing system that works in a perfectly synchronised process with the transfer system in the packaging machine. So-called multihead weighers are part of an integrated weighing and packaging line. Using filled weighing containers, the system's sensor technology determines the combination of several partial quantities that corresponds exactly to the specified target weight and initiates immediate discharge. This takes place in a high-speed process so that optimised cycle rates guarantee a highly productive packaging process. To safeguard this accurate filling process in the event of product blockages, safety couplings that react in milliseconds place their protective hands over these high-speed systems. Immediate reaction time with optimised switching times, predestined for high speeds and corrosion-protected with a high-quality, corrosion-protective surface coating, the Securmax Servo Niploy safety coupling is the perfect partner for this demanding task.

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For perfect dosing

Microdispensing pumps

Plug-in and one-piece micro couplings: Coordinated in the precise dosing process of very small quantities

Ultra-fine microdispensing in the µl range: Microdispensing pumps are used in a wide variety of sectors, such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology or the cosmetics and chemical industries, to dispense very small quantities of liquid media very precisely and with maximum accuracy. Depending on the desired process sequence, these microdispensers operate in a volumetric or gravimetric material discharge mode. In such high-precision dosing units, micro couplings have to keep pace with these challenging requirements. Customised precision and the smallest outer diameters are essential here, and the micro-couplings must also be able to reliably compensate for any misalignments in the delicate, highly sensitive system. But which of these miniaturised compensating couplings is the optimal choice for the respective dosing system? The answer depends on the respective application conditions. Is the equalising coupling a separation point in the system and must therefore be axially pluggable, are corrosive media involved or are the shafts to be connected smaller in diameter than a string? Whichever of these conditions are present - the modular and pluggable or one-piece micro couplings from the portfolio of Orbit Antriebstechnik.

›One-piece spring bar or beam couplings in micro format

The SlifIex GRS8-A spring bar coupling made of aluminium with an outer diameter of 7.9 mm offers the option of shaft fastening using grub screws.
The all-metal coupling has a nominal torque capacity of 0.1 Nm. Shafts with a diameter of 2 and 3 mm can be connected using the lightweight spring bar coupling. For dosing applications under special ambient conditions or with the presence of aggressive media, the Sliflex range offers corrosion-resistant compensating couplings in size GRS12 or GRC12 with an outer diameter of 12.7 mm, optionally made of stainless steel as a set screw or clamping hub design.    
The Beamflex PSMR7 is even smaller. This aluminium micro coupling has a minimised outer diameter of 6.5 mm and is available for shaft diameters of 1 to 2 mm.

›Plug-in and modular Oldham couplings

The micro-couplings from the Oldham couplings programme are axially pluggable. These electrically insulating couplings each consist of two aluminium hubs in a set screw design and a transmission disc made of acetal. Thanks to this three-part design, they can be combined with a wide variety of bore diameters, depending on the coupling size from 1 to 4 mm. These Oldham couplings are available in 3 sizes as ZOS6, ZOS8 and ZOS10 with an outer diameter of 5.9, 7.9 and 9.9 mm. Thanks to their compact design, they can also be integrated into tight installation spaces.


Plug-in and one-piece micro couplings

Can't be hot enough

High-temperature couplings

High temperature couplings


High temperature ranges are the order of the day in a wide variety of applications, such as in process engineering, in process technology or in vacuum hardening plants. Compensating couplings for these high-temperature applications must have specific properties. This means that they are often made entirely of stainless steel and, in addition, high-temperature couplings must not have any media-sensitive connection points such as adhesive connections. For these applications, Orbit Antriebstechnik's range of products includes high-temperature couplings designed for this purpose.

The protective all-rounder

Slip Clutch Securmax Slip


Securmax Slip: Slip hubs and slip clutches for all situations

Slip clutches and slip hubs transmit the torque by friction. If the set torque is exceeded, the clutches or the respective transmission element slip in the slip hubs and thus limit the torque to this set value. In general, these torque limiters are also referred to as load-holding safety clutches.

Indirect or compensating…

The extensive range from Orbit Antriebstechnik offers slip clutches and slip hubs from the Securmax Slip series for almost every requirement profile and thus covers a wide range of applications. The range offers variants for indirect and direct drives, the latter in combination with various flexible compensating couplings for additional misalignment compensation.

…mechanical or pneumatic…

Alternative methods of torque adjustment - using disc springs or compressed air - are also available depending on the task.
Frequent slipping cycles on the agenda? No problem with customised torque limiters.

…or even corrosion-resistant

Outdoor applications require increased corrosion resistance; here too, the Securmax slip programme leaves nothing to be desired and responds with stainless steel versions.

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Here's to good neighbourliness!

Clampmax Mountable

Shaft collars for fastening to adjacent machine parts

Do you want to attach clamp collars to adjacent machine parts or combine several shaft collars with each other? With the collars of the Clampmax Mountable series, you can do this very easily.  
Thanks to their flat surfaces and mounting holes on their outer diameter, the shaft collars, which are available in steel, aluminium or stainless steel, make these tasks possible in no time at all.
In our product range you will find these shaft collars as one-piece or radially mountable split versions, each with a bore diameter range from 10 to 40 mm.

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Quickly to larger tasks

High-Speed coupling Speedmax

New size of the high-speed coupling for even higher torques

When it comes to high-speed applications, that's where the Speedmax comes in. Depending on the size, the backlash-free compensating coupling is designed for speeds of up to 42,000 min-1. An electrical insulation function, the damping of occurring vibrations and its low mass moment of inertia are further positive characteristics of this high-speed coupling.
To enable the light coupling to be used in the even higher power range, the range has been extended by an additional size. With the newly added size GSC 68, the portfolio now includes a nominal torque range from 1 to 65 Nm.

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Fit for vacuum

Drive components for vacuum technology

Flexible shaft couplings for use in vacuum technology - this is where conventional compensating couplings usually reach their limits, because many of the materials used are only suitable for vacuum applications to a limited extent. These include anodised aluminium surfaces, for example. Gas molecules are increasingly deposited in their porous oxide layer due to existing porous structures, resulting in increased desorption rates.
A preferred material for applications under vacuum conditions is stainless steel, among others.
Outgassing plastics are also not suitable, as they would lead to contamination of the end product.
The plastic PEEK, for example, has proven itself for coupling components under vacuum conditions. This material is a high-temperature resistant thermoplastic with only minimal outgassing properties.  In addition, this engineering plastic has a large number of very good tribological properties.

Learn more about our coupling programme and other drive components for vacuum technology:

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Here is something for every taste

Drive components for the food industry

Drive components for the food industry

Couplings and other drive components for the food industry must meet special requirements with regard to material selection due to hygiene requirements and media involved in the permanent cleaning process of the systems.
Orbit Antriebstechnik supplies a complete programme tailored to these requirements. This starts with the process of the actual food production and processing up to the packaging of the manufactured end products.

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There's no way through here!

Coupling systems with electrical insulation function

Coupling systems with electrical insulation function


A special requirement for the couplings to be used can be that they have to fulfil an electrical insulation function, for example for potential isolation.
For this purpose, the coupling programme of Orbit Antriebstechnik offers various coupling systems.

Plug-in coupling systems, whose centre elements made of polyacetal, PEEK, polyimide or Hytrel insulate the conductive coupling parts, are suitable coupling solutions for convenient assembly and disassembly in installation spaces that are difficult to access or when the couplings form the interface for frequent unlocking of machine parts. Depending on the requirements profile, there is a choice of plug-in couplings with a high radial displacement capacity (Oldham coupling) or couplings for vibration-critical applications (Jawflex).

But one-piece coupling systems also offer this isolation function. One of these systems is the CD coupling, which, in contrast to steel disc couplings, works with a disc pack made of a high-performance fibre composite material, which offers a symbiosis of torsional stiffness, high misalignment capacity and high torque transmission capacity.

#Discover Heliflex

Spiral coupling Heliflex

The spiral coupling for general applications

09.08. 2023
The Heliflex offers an excellent price-performance ratio and is suitable for countless applications - from general drive concepts and measuring instruments to small servo and stepper motors.


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Slim in appearance - Uncompromising in overload protection

Compact Safety coupling Securmax Economy and Securmax Slip

Ensuring safety in the narrowest gaps

Safe overload protection in drive concepts with an extremely space-saving design for narrow installation spaces: this is where the particularly compact safety couplings in the Securmax range really show their strengths. Whether an application calls for a load-holding torque limiter combined with displacement compensation for direct drives or, alternatively, for a load-separating overload coupling combined with an integrated transmission element, the range of products offered by Orbit Antriebstechnik has the appropriate drive solution in store.

Compact slip couplings: safety paired with displacement compensation for direct drives        

The compact DF-GEC slip couplings from the Securmax Slip series transmit torque in a frictionally engaged manner. If the set torque is exceeded, the couplings slip through, thus limiting the torque to the set value. The height of the torque can be continuously selected by means of adjusting nuts or, in the case of larger models, by means of adjusting screws.    
As a unit combined with GEC-type flexible couplings with a very compact design, they also offer compensation for shaft displacements of up to 0.6 mm radially, up to 1° angularly and up to 0.8 mm axially, depending on the size. The series is available in 9 sizes for a range of adjustable torques from 1 to 8,000 Nm.   

Space-saving torque limiter with a compact ball mechanism  

Securmax Economy offers a suitable solution for applications in which the advantage of having a sliding hub with a compact design is desirable, but in which torque control requires load separation. In the Securmax Economy series, torque transmission occurs in a form-fit manner via balls, which are pushed into recesses by means of a preset spring force. When the torque is exceeded, these barrier elements move out of their recesses against the spring force, thus interrupting torque. The Securmax Economy series thereby operates using a particularly compact ball mechanism. The transmission element in the shape of a chain sprocket is jointly used as a functional part and is therefore an integral part of the torque limiter.
Re-engagement occurs synchronously at 360 degrees as standard. This series can be combined with micro or proximity switches so that, in case of overload, the drive can be switched off.
The product range comprises 6 models with adjustable overload torques from 7.5 to 1,450 Nm. In addition to the version with integrated chain sprocket, a flange version is also available.

>Safety couplings Securmax

Pneumatic clutches

Pneumatic clutches

Safety clutches with pneumatic torque adjustment

Whether a switching function and decoupling of the drive is desired during operation or precise web tension regulation is required in winding and rewinding processes, pneumatic clutches allow sensitive torque adjustment by air pressure and, thanks to their pneumatic control, enable separation of the unwind and drive during the work process or a torque change during the motion sequence.

Just always be safe

Versatile: The backlash-free safety coupling Securmax Servo

Overload protection even under special conditions


Even in modern servo drive concepts with electronic monitoring systems, experience has shown that load disconnecting safety couplings are often indispensable, because they provide immediate mechanical separation and decoupling in the drive train.
The backlash-free safety coupling Securmax Servo is designed for precisely these tasks. For example, it protects working units of machine tools in case of product collision or motor slides and servo motors from impacts and at end stops. Torque is transmitted via balls that are pressed into recesses by means of adjusted spring force. If the torque is exceeded, these locking bodies move out of their recesses against the spring force and thus ensure that the torque is interrupted. To ensure that the torque drops immediately in the event of an overload, the backlash-free overload clutches operate with degressive cup springs. This programme is available for a range of adjustable overload torques from 0.8 to 1,200 Nm.  

Overload protection in special environmental conditions: Niploy or stainless steel

In application areas such as the pharmaceutical industry or packaging machines in the food industry, there are special requirements regarding corrosion resistance for all machine elements involved. Depending on the requirements profile, two different options are available for selecting suitable overload couplings.  

One of these options is the Securmax Servo in Niploy design. This high-quality surface coating is created in a chemical nickel-plating process with a high phosphorus content and provides a particularly corrosion- and wear-resistant uniform coating. The Niploy coating resists most organic and inorganic media. This makes it suitable for diverse applications and industries such as the pharmaceutical or petrochemical industries.
In packaging machines and filling systems in the food and beverage industry, stainless steel is usually the preferred or prescribed material. The backlash-free torque limiters in INOX design are the solution for integration into these hygienically demanding and cleaning-intensive systems. The range of stainless steel safety couplings offers a range of adjustable torques from 0.8 to 540 Nm.

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Special category: Drive components made of stainless steel

In addition to the described safety couplings, you are looking for further drive components for e.g. corrosive ambient conditions or special hygiene regulations.
In our category drive components made of stainless steel you will find flexible couplings with different functional principles, Torqmax rigid couplings for aligned shafts, Clampmax clamping rings for axial fixing of components as well as stainless steel bevel gears of the Gearmax series.
A programme adapted to a wide range of applications, from vacuum technology to the food industry.

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They are perfectly matched

Couplings for medical and laboratory technology

Drive components for laboratory and medical technology

Cold or hot, clean or under vacuum, micro or mass inertia optimized - the requirements in laboratory and medical technology could hardly be more different. Either autoclaves place high demands on the thermal resistance of drive components or aggressive media, which are metered extremely finely by micropumps, require maximum material quality and precision of the drive elements; one thing is certain - for these demanding tasks in process technology, coordinated drive components must have special capabilities.  

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Diskflex split-clamp hub


Disk couplings optionally with split clamping hubs   

With the Disflex series, Orbit Antriebstechnik offers a range of backlash-free and torsionally stiff multi-plate couplings for dynamic servo applications and for high-resolution measuring systems. The range comprises 14 sizes covering a nominal torque range from 0.5 to 220 Nm. All sizes have clamping hubs to ensure backlash-free torque transmission even in reversing operation.   
In an outer diameter range from 64 to 104.5 mm, these torsionally stiff couplings are also optionally available with clamping hubs in half-shell design. Equipped with these split clamping hubs, these designs allow radial assembly without having to axially displace adjacent machine components.

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So tiny and yet so powerful

Microkupplungen from Orbit Antriebstechnik

Shaft couplings in microformat

They are almost invisible to the naked eye and yet they achieve great things - micro couplings whose outer diameter is not much larger than the diameter of a ladybird and whose bore diameters are sometimes smaller than the diameter of a spaghetti noodle. They can be found, for example, in systems for the assembly or encapsulation of miniature components, in microsystems for the production of the smallest optical solutions for microscopy or for the conveyance and dosing of extremely fine media quantities with the aid of microdosing pumps. Orbit Antriebstechnik offers corresponding flexibel shaft couplings with smallest outside diameters of 5.9 to 12.7 mm and bore diameters of 1 to 5 mm for such applications.
The range of these micro couplings offers different technical features to ensure an optimal shaft connection for specific application profiles.

Precisely placed!

CD coupling A1C

Couplings for placement technology


Systems for placement and assembly processes often require fast and short-cycle motion sequences, for example, to precisely position wafers or chips and place them on the carrier plate or to perform fast-running automated assembly tasks. The process usually involves high acceleration and sudden deceleration rates, often in reversing operation. The optimal interaction of all components is a guarantee for precision and productivity. Compensating couplings, as an important individual component, must support these dynamic and demanding work processes through their design. In the programme of Orbit Antriebstechnik you will find backlash-free coupling systems which are especially dedicated to this field of application.

Disk couplings in aluminium construction

One of these coupling systems is the CD coupling. Especially for the dynamic applications mentioned above, the programme offers versions whose clamping hubs and spacers of the double-cardanic versions are made of aluminium. This ensures a light construction combined with a low moment of inertia. Specially shaped disc packs made of a high-performance fibre composite material combine high torsional stiffness with high displacement capacity. Depending on the requirements, two variants are available. In addition to the space-optimised AC version with a nominal torque range of up to 718 Nm, the A1C version, which is available in 6 sizes, can accommodate large shaft diameters thanks to its innovative clamping hub design. Due to their high manufacturing accuracy and concentricity, these CD couplings are suitable for high speeds and thus meet the demand for increased machine speeds and cycle time optimisation. Depending on the size, they are available for speeds of up to 15,000 min-1.

High machining speed in pick-and-place multi-axis systems

Modern handling systems play a major role in the assembly of components. High productivity with simultaneous reduction of production process costs is a central requirement in the current economic environment. Machines and systems work with ever shorter cycle times and ever higher speeds. In order to be able to realise such high output rates, modern pick-and-place machines are increasingly working in the pick-and-place process as a multi-axis system with a high processing speed and with permanently dynamically changing cycles. This is also the case with a new pick-and-place machine for placing components on printed circuit boards. In this machine, the placement process was to take place in highly dynamic, reversing work cycles. Per cycle, the system accelerates in fractions of a second at a speed of more than 4,000 min-1, then suddenly stops and immediately accelerates again in the opposite direction of rotation.

Lightweight intermediate shaft coupling enables perfect synchronisation

The precise connection and synchronisation of the axes is one of the central demands on the torsionally stiff intermediate shaft coupling. According to the highly dynamic working process, a low mass moment of inertia of the coupling is also indispensable.   From the A1C series, the CD coupling size 6F22 with customised intermediate shaft exactly fulfils the technical application data. The multi-plate clutch with an outer diameter of 62 mm has a nominal torque of 30 Nm.

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